Elevate Your Commercial EV Charging Game with the Hydra Goliath: A Comprehensive Guide for the UK Market

Elevate Your Commercial EV Charging Game with the Hydra Goliath: A Comprehensive Guide for the UK Market

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2024 Redesign HYDRA GOLIATH RAPID DC EV CHARGER 60kW / 240kW Free Standing, DC Charge Point,contactless payments

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric mobility, the demand for advanced and efficient charging solutions is more pressing than ever, especially in the commercial sector. Enter the HYDRA GOLIATH RAPID DC charger, a revolutionary powerhouse designed to redefine the standards of commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging in the UK. In this extensive guide, we'll delve into the myriad features and benefits that make the Hydra Goliath the quintessential choice for businesses aiming to stay ahead in the electric revolution.

Introduction: The Hydra Goliath Advantage in Commercial EV Charging

As businesses across the UK embrace sustainability, the Hydra Goliath emerges as a beacon of innovation. This state-of-the-art charging station is engineered for commercial applications, offering load-balanced and rapid charging capabilities for up to three electric vehicles simultaneously. Tailored for the UK market, the Hydra Goliath provides versatile charging outputs ranging from 60kW to a staggering 180kW per vehicle, ensuring an efficient and future-proof solution for commercial fleets.

User-Centric Design: Navigating the Hydra Goliath

Ease of operation is paramount, and the Hydra Goliath delivers with its intuitive 10” touch-screen display. The built-in RFID card reader and PENSIO CONTACTLESS PAYMENT SOLUTION empower businesses with seamless user experiences. From workplace charging to public access points, the Hydra Goliath facilitates a quick return on investment, making it a strategic choice for commercial ventures looking to enhance their sustainability profile.

Flexibility Redefined: Multiple Payment and Access Options

In the dynamic commercial landscape, flexibility is key. The Hydra Goliath excels in this aspect, accommodating a spectrum of payment and access options concurrently. Staff members can utilize RFID cards, while paying customers can opt for credit card transactions. Tech-savvy users have the convenience of QR code scanning and online payments. This adaptability ensures that the Hydra Goliath caters to the diverse needs of commercial users, fostering a user-friendly and inclusive charging environment.

Remote Management: Hydra Nexus Unleashed

Connectivity is the backbone of efficient charging infrastructure. The Hydra Goliath seamlessly integrates with Hydra Nexus, offering remote management capabilities for commercial and public locations. Operators can remotely set and adjust public charging fees, responding dynamically to energy price fluctuations and service overheads. This level of control positions the Hydra Goliath as a low-maintenance, high-impact solution for businesses seeking a robust EV charging infrastructure.

Real-Time Insights: Monitoring Usage with Hydra Management Platforms

Knowledge is power, and the Hydra Goliath empowers businesses with real-time monitoring through Hydra management platforms. Operators gain comprehensive insights into usage patterns, enabling them to generate detailed reports on peak and total charging. This data-driven approach facilitates informed decision-making, optimizing the performance of each Goliath EV charging installation within a commercial setting.

Network Integration: OCPP Compliance for Seamless Expansion

The Hydra Goliath is OCPP compliant, fostering seamless communication with other cloud management platforms such as Monta and Fuuse. This compliance enables businesses to integrate the Goliath effortlessly into existing EV charging networks, streamlining operations and maximizing the efficiency of their charging infrastructure. For commercial ventures with diverse charging requirements, this interoperability proves invaluable.

Durable and Secure: Weatherproof Design for Unattended Public Locations

In the realm of commercial EV charging, durability and security are non-negotiable. The Hydra Goliath boasts an IP55 weatherproof rating against dust and water ingress, making it resilient in diverse environmental conditions. The galvanized steel casing ensures longevity, rendering the Goliath ideal for installation in unattended public locations. Safety features, including automatic shutdown in response to various anomalies and a fail-safe emergency stop button, further enhance the secure operation of the charging station.

Technical Specifications: The Goliath Arsenal

The Hydra Goliath's technical specifications reinforce its position as a commercial charging powerhouse:

  • Rapid and Ultra-Rapid DC charging capabilities
  • Galvanized steel casing for robust durability
  • Forced air cooling technology for optimal performance
  • Three 4.8m charging cables catering to multiple vehicles
  • Three-phase (530V) configuration
  • Base 60kW DC charging output, extendable to a maximum of 180kW per vehicle
  • Connectivity options: Ethernet, WiFi, or 4G for seamless integration
  • Secured with OCPP Cloud-Based Platform
  • Compatibility with Monta for enhanced network management

Dimensions: Fit for Commercial Spaces

  • Height: 1886mm
  • Width: 770mm
  • Depth: 855mm

Conclusion: Leading the Charge in Commercial EV Charging

In conclusion, the HYDRA GOLIATH RAPID DC charger stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of commercial EV charging in the UK. Its user-centric design, flexibility, remote management capabilities, and robust technical specifications position it as the go-to solution for businesses aiming to revolutionize their EV charging infrastructure. Embrace the future of commercial sustainability with the Hydra Goliath and stay ahead in the electric revolution.

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