HYDRA DION 20kW/30kW/40kW FAST DC charging With Contactless payments

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The HYDRA DION FAST DC CHARGER provides dynamic, load-balanced power distribution for up to two vehicles, each receiving 20kW or 30kW... En savoir plus


The HYDRA DION FAST DC CHARGER provides dynamic, load-balanced power distribution for up to two vehicles, each receiving 20kW or 30kW DC, depending on the configuration.

According to customer requirements, the Hydra Dion is fitted with single or double CCS2 charging cables. It can be connected to any three-phase AC input.

A fast DC charger with a lower power output can be a very cost-effective way to achieve faster charging times, compared to a standard AC wallbox, as it bypasses your EV’s onboard AC charger (which could be limited to 11kW).

This means an average family EV with a 60kWh battery could be fully recharged in under 3 hours compared to over 8 hours on a domestic 7kW chargepoint. Similarly, an electric commercial van with a 100kW battery could be recharged from 20% up to 80% charge in just 2 hours with the 30kW DION.

Having an IP55-rated dust and waterproof design, it is suitable for outdoor use or inside a parking garage. The sleek and compact DION EV charger is perfect for installations where space is limited as it can be wall-mounted but can also be supplied with an optional pedestal mount.

The built-in RFID card reader can control access to the charging functions, allowing only authorised users, residents or staff members to start and stop the charging process. We also offer an optional PENSIO CONTACTLESS PAYMENT SOLUTION providing simple, app-free charging, which will allow you to generate revenue from the EV charger by giving public users the facility to pay for charging on demand.

The Hydra Dion can self-detect the vehicle specification being charged – car, van, HGV or public transport vehicle – as well as its battery charge status and displays the information on the unit’s 10” screen in real-time.

Like all Hydra EV charging products, the DION is OCPP-compliant for data transfer and communications. It can be fully managed in real-time via our Hydra Nexus platform, which can monitor a single device or an entire nationwide network. The Hydra Dion can communicate via wired ethernet (standard) or 3G/4G data network (optional).

The DION Fast DC EV charger has built-in charging protection which disables the unit if it detects a communication fault with the EV, charging lead disconnection, over temperature and over voltage. Additionally, it is fitted with an emergency stop button, which will immediately cut off the charging process.

  • Wall-mounted design (optional pedestal mount available)
  • Dual CCS2 charging guns
  • 10” digital user interface
  • Dual 20kW or single 30kW DC charging
  • RFID access or simple Plug and Charge
  • Fabricated from sheet metal
  • Three-phase (260-530v AC) input
  • Integrated with Hydra Nexus for complete cloud-based monitoring and management
  • OCPP 1.6J compliant
  • Compatible with other management platforms
  • Anti-UV protection
  • IP55 rated
  • Ethernet or 3G/4G connectivity
  • No earth required (PEN Protection)
  • Smart air cooling
  • Increased revenue from your chargepoint network
  • Ease of use for the end user
  • No apps or registration required – just tap and charge!
  • Retrofit option for existing EV chargepoints

With public EV charging becoming increasing accessible it brings with it an abundance of apps and websites in order to capture payments from EV drivers. Before you know it you could have 15 apps relating to 15 different Chargepoint brands and it all becomes a bit overwhelming.

Hydra EVC is proud to partner with industry-leading service providers to offer simple, streamlined payment process, so all your EV customers have to worry about is how to occupy themselves while they get a quick charge in.

We support two standard payment methods on our chargepoints: ‘Scan & Pay’ will prompt the EV driver to scan a QR code which takes them to a virtual payment terminal on their smartphone, allowing them to make payment with any credit or debit card online. This solution is perfectly functional and does not force the user to download an app and register an account just to pay, however if the EV driver does not own a smart phone, has no signal or the phone battery is low it could leave them without a method to pay.


The second option is our intelligently designed PENSIO Contactless Payment Solution. Hydra chargepoints can benefit from contactless direct payment using a debit card, credit card or a virtual wallet payment method such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

This turn-key solution will allow EV users the freedom to use either physical (card) or virtual (phone) payment, increasing your visitor base, which in turn offers more consistent revenue from your public charge points.

Maximise revenue from your chargepoints by allowing EV drivers to find and use them: Hydra chargepoints can be switched from private to public at the flick of a switch.

If your chargers are not in use outside of business hours or you simply want to charge your visitors for charging at your sites, all of this can be managed through the Hydra NEXUS online platform.


While we offer full integration of our Pensio solution within the EV charger, which reduces installation times and infrastructure requirements, our contactless payment terminals can also be mounted in a separate housing that contains all of the relevant communications, network and power components to work seamlessly with the charge point.

This housing can be installed adjacent to or in the vicinity of the chargepoint, either as a wall-mounted unit or on a pedestal or post.

The remote housing solution offers two main benefits:

  • One payment terminal can be configured to manage multiple chargepoints, cutting down costs
  • The payment terminal can be retro-fitted to work alongside almost all existing EV chargepoints, not just Hydra EVC units, and can be integrated within any existing network and back office management platform.

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