130,000BTU Heat Exchanger

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Introducing our stainless steel heat exchanger with a rated output of BTU 130,000 and KW 38.1. Designed to provide a... Read more


Introducing our stainless steel heat exchanger with a rated output of BTU 130,000 and KW 38.1. Designed to provide a reliable and efficient solution for heating swimming pools that utilize chlorine for water purification, our heat exchanger ensures that chlorine does not attack copper, thus increasing the lifespan of the equipment.

The heat exchanger is equipped with a filter secondary flow of 31 gpm (M3hr 9) and a boiler primary flow of 11 gpm (m3hr 3). It operates with a primary water design flow temperature of 82°C and a primary water design return temperature of 71°C, while maintaining a primary head loss of 2.5 ft (mb 95).

With a compact design that measures 118 mm (width) by 417 mm (length) by 140 mm (depth), this heat exchanger is easy to install and operate. It features 1" BSP male thread primary connections and 1.5" BSP male thread secondary connections, and weighs only 4.5 kg.

For optimal performance, we recommend that this heat exchanger be installed downstream of the pool pump filter unit, with pipe fittings of 1" BSP on the solar/boiler input and output, and 1.5" BSP on the pool connections, which are also male fittings.

Our heat exchangers are available in various sizes up to 460,000 BTU. For solar use, we suggest that heat exchangers be rated at least one size larger than for a conventional heat source. Invest in our stainless steel heat exchanger today and enjoy a warm and inviting swimming pool all year round!

Rated Output: BTU 130,000
KW: 38.1
Filter Secondary Flow: gpm 31 M3hr 9
Boiler Primary Flow: gpm 11 m3hr 3
Primary Water Design Flow Temperature: degC 82
Primary Water Design Return Temperature: degC 71
Primary Head Loss: ft 2.5 mb 95

Width: mm 118
Length: mm 417
Depth: mm 140
P Primary Connections BSP Male Thread: In 1?
S Secondary Connections BSP Male Thread: Ins 1.5?
Weight: Kg 4.5

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