230,000BTU Heat Exchanger

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The Rated Output of this heat exchanger is BTU 230,000 and KW 67.4, making it a powerful and efficient option... Read more


The Rated Output of this heat exchanger is BTU 230,000 and KW 67.4, making it a powerful and efficient option for heating your swimming pool. It has a Filter Secondary Flow of gpm 65 and M3hr 18, which ensures that the water is filtered and clean as it enters the heat exchanger.

The Boiler Primary Flow of gpm 20 and m3hr 6, coupled with the Primary Water Design Flow Temperature of degC 82 and Primary Water Design Return Temperature of degC 71, ensures that the water is heated to the desired temperature before being circulated back into the pool. The Primary Head Loss of ft 3.75 and mb 130 ensures that the water flows smoothly through the heat exchanger, reducing any resistance or blockages.

The dimensions of this heat exchanger are compact, with a width of mm 118, length of mm 695, and depth of mm 140. The Primary Connections are BSP Male Thread In 1?, while the Secondary Connections are BSP Male Thread Ins 1.5?, making it easy to install and connect to your existing pool system. It weighs just Kg 7.5, making it easy to handle and manoeuvre during installation.

Overall, this heat exchanger is an ideal choice for those who want to heat their swimming pool using solar panels but have concerns about chlorine corrosion. Its powerful output, efficient design, and easy installation make it a great investment for anyone who wants to extend their swimming season and enjoy their pool for longer periods.

Rated Output: BTU 230,000
KW: 67.4
Filter Secondary Flow: gpm 65 M3hr 18
Boiler Primary Flow: gpm 20 m3hr 6
Primary Water Design Flow Temperature: degC 82
Primary Water Design Return Temperature: degC 71
Primary Head Loss: ft 3.75 mb 130

Width: mm 118
Length: mm 695
Depth: mm 140
P Primary Connections BSP Male Thread: In 1?
S Secondary Connections BSP Male Thread: Ins 1.5?
Weight: Kg 7.5

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