GivEnergy 5.2kwh with 3.6kw GEN2 Hybrid inverter Complete kit to charge from grid or solar

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Introducing the GivEnergy 3.6kW Hybrid Complete Kit, an innovative energy storage solution that can help you to reduce your energy... Read more


Introducing the GivEnergy 3.6kW Hybrid Complete Kit, an innovative energy storage solution that can help you to reduce your energy bills and increase your energy independence. This kit includes a powerful 3.6kW hybrid inverter, a high-capacity 5.2kWh battery, and all the necessary components for easy installation.

The 3.6kW hybrid inverter is an advanced device that can convert DC energy from your solar panels into AC energy that can power your home or business. It can also charge your battery from the grid, ensuring that you always have power available when you need it.

The 5.2kWh battery is a high-performance battery that can store energy efficiently, providing you with reliable power for a variety of applications. It is designed to be compatible with a range of solar panels and can help you to reduce your energy bills by allowing you to rely less on grid power.

This complete kit also comes with all the necessary components for easy installation, including cables, monitoring software, and more. The software is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to monitor your battery's performance and adjust settings as needed.

Overall, the GivEnergy 3.6kW Hybrid Complete Kit is a reliable and efficient energy storage solution that is perfect for residential and commercial applications. With its advanced technology, ease of installation, and compatibility with both grid and solar power, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their energy bills and increase their energy independence while also helping to protect the environment.

1 x GivEnergy Gen 2 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter Charger
1 x GivEnergy 5.2kWh Battery.
1 x EM115 Meter with CT Clamp
1 x Battery Isolator
1 x Gen1 to Gen 2 cable


Total capacity: 5.2 kWh
Usable capacity: 5.2 kWh
Nominal V: 48V
Operating V range: 44.4 - 57.6V
Max charging V: 60V
Max charge I: 60A
Max discharge I: 60A
Life: 10 years at 80% DOD
Chemistry: LiFeP4
Dimensions: 520*480*230mm
Weight: 60 kg
Temperature range: 0 - 45 degrees C
IP rating: IP65
Warranty: 52MWh or 10 years, whichever is first


This 3.6kW hybrid unit will charge from surplus PV generation, and also from the grid if you're on an economy tariff. Wi-fi comes as standard and gives access to the powerful monitoring platform, along with remote, site-specific firmware upgrades and troubleshooting via web browser or app.

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