Iconica 4000W 48V hybrid pure sine wave inverter with 80A MPPT solar controller

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Introducing our 4000W 48V pure sine wave inverter with an integrated 80A MPPT solar controller and 60A mains battery charger.... Read more


Introducing our 4000W 48V pure sine wave inverter with an integrated 80A MPPT solar controller and 60A mains battery charger. This innovative and powerful inverter is the perfect solution for off-grid applications or remote areas without access to a constant, uninterrupted power supply.

With a pure sine wave output, this inverter is capable of powering a wide range of sensitive electronic devices and appliances, ensuring that your power supply is always clean and stable. The 80A MPPT solar controller allows for efficient and reliable charging of your batteries using solar power, while the 60A mains battery charger ensures that your batteries are always fully charged when mains power is available.

The inverter features a range of intelligent and customizable settings, including output source priority, battery charging priority, and a variety of charging parameters that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. The inbuilt LCD screen provides real-time monitoring of key system parameters, including input and output voltage, frequency, battery voltage, load power and percentage, charge and discharge current, and much more.

Designed with advanced communication capabilities, this inverter can be connected to your PC or mobile device using a Wi-Fi connection kit, mobile app Wi-Fi kit or 3G connection kit (purchased separately). This unlocks access to a range of exclusive features, including email, push notification and SMS status updates, remote system monitoring from any location, and detailed data logs that can be exported to PDF or Excel formats.

With its rugged and durable construction, this inverter is built to withstand even the harshest of environments. Whether you're living off the grid, running a remote research station, or powering a remote telecommunications tower, this inverter is the ideal choice for reliable and efficient power supply.

Key functions:

1. 4kW 48V Pure sine wave inverter: Converts DC current into 230V AC mains electricity, to run household appliances (eg TV, laptop, fridge etc). Strong peak power capability of up to 8000VA.
2. Inbuilt 80A MPPT Solar charge controller: Inbuilt safety features to regulate energy from solar panel to battery. MPPT technology extracts max output from solar panels, with up to 98% efficiency.
3. Smart 60A battery charger: For safe & fast unattended charging of a battery from a mains power source/generator.
4. System expansion potential: Can be connected to up to 8 identical inverters for future expansion, with a 3-phase operation option once connected. (Requires connection kit: 'KMS-PARKIT-48')

Intelligent features:

- Output source priority: Set output source preferences (solar/ battery / mains input or a generator) for the AC load output of the inverter.
- Charge priority: Choose to charge the battery using solar only/ solar + mains/ mains only etc.
- Customisable settings: AC input range, batt type, max charging current, specific high/low voltage disconnect points, duration & voltage of each charging stage, auto-restart options, power saving mode, equalization stage characteristics etc.
- Generator auto-start - activated upon low batt voltage.

Supplied with a PC cable and software CD to view all system data. Long-distance monitoring via 3G / GPRS or WiFi (kits sold separately).

Suitable for 48V flooded & sealed GEL/AGM lead-acid batteries.


- Max solar input: 4000W
- Max solar charging current: 80A
- Max mains AC charging current: 60A
- Size: 47x30x12cm, 12.5kg

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