Iconica 5000W 48V rack-compatible pure sine wave inverter

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Introducing the Iconica 5000W 48V Hybrid Inverter - the ultimate solution for off-grid applications with limited or zero access to... Read more


Introducing the Iconica 5000W 48V Hybrid Inverter - the ultimate solution for off-grid applications with limited or zero access to traditional mains power. This innovative inverter combines the functions of a 5000W pure sine wave inverter, 80A MPPT solar charge controller, and a 60A smart battery charger in a single unit, providing unparalleled functionality and convenience.

One of the key features of the Iconica 5000W Hybrid Inverter is its ability to accept input from multiple sources, including solar panels, mains power/generator, and a battery, either from a single source or a combination of sources. This allows for versatile and flexible power management, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply for your off-grid system.

With zero transfer time, the Iconica Hybrid Inverter offers uninterrupted power supply (UPS) functionality, making it ideal for applications where the power supply is unreliable, intermittent, or expensive to maintain. The instant 0ms transfer from mains to battery mode ensures continuous operation of critical IT loads such as computers and servers during power failures, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted operation.

The Iconica 5000W Hybrid Inverter also comes with advanced communication functions, including inbuilt Wi-Fi monitoring, allowing you to remotely monitor your system using the Watchpower app from the Apple app store or the Watchpower Wi-Fi app from the Google Play store. This gives you real-time access to important information such as solar/battery/AC voltage, charging current, battery capacity, and more, making it easy to monitor and manage your off-grid system.

Additionally, this hybrid inverter features a range of highly customizable settings, allowing you to personalize parameters such as AC input range, battery type, max charging current, charging source priority, and more, to suit your specific needs. The illuminated LCD screen provides easy access to vital statistics, and the rack-compatible design allows for convenient installation of multiple inverters or rack-compatible battery systems in one unit.

Furthermore, the Iconica 5000W Hybrid Inverter offers system expansion potential, with the ability to connect in parallel with up to 8 additional identical units, offering up to 45kW of power handling capability. This makes it suitable for large-scale system expansion, ideal for powering industrial-grade equipment and machinery that require 3-phase operation.

In summary, the Iconica 5000W 48V Hybrid Inverter is a powerful and versatile solution for off-grid applications, offering a range of advanced features, customizable settings, and convenient monitoring options. Whether you have limited access to traditional mains power, require uninterrupted power supply, or need to power critical IT loads, the Iconica Hybrid Inverter is the perfect choice for reliable and efficient off-grid power management.

  • nverter type: Pure sine wave
  • Rated power: 5000W
  • Surge power: 10000VA
  • Input voltage: 230V AC / 48V DC
  • Output voltage: 230V AC
  • Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz (auto-sensing)
  • AC input range: 90-280V AC
  • Battery charging current: 60A (maximum)
  • Solar input voltage range: 30-145V DC
  • MPPT efficiency: 99%
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C to 50°C
  • Dimensions: 390 x 430 x 180 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Communication: Wi-Fi, RS232/RS485
  • Parallel connection capability: up to 8 identical units (maximum 45kW)

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