The German supplier Kostal is best known for the solid and qualitative solar and energy applications. Just like other suppliers of sustainable energy products, Kostal also expanded their product range with EV-chargers for electric vehicles. This is a great opportunity to respond to the need for efficiency, enabling electric vehicles to be charged by use of self-generated electricity.

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    Kostal Kostal EV Wallbox ENECTOR AC 3.7/11

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    The design of the ENECTOR wallbox is both simple and elegant in keeping with its function. The compact construction makes space-saving installation possible. The robust housing allows safe use indoors and out. An LED display on the front of the housing quickly and clearly informs you of all important status messages and displays the charging mode. The equipment provided with the KOSTAL wallbox is impressive too: the 7.5 metre charging cable included in the scope of delivery provides sufficient flexibility for refuelling your electric vehicle within easy reach. The type 2 charging plug for the vehicle connection is matched to the charging point in the common mode 3. The ENECTOR has a single-phase output of 3.7 kW and a three-phase output of 11 kW, with a current of up to 16 amps per phase. Whether you use it with or without a solar system, the KOSTAL wallbox charges your electric vehicle from all available energy sources. Fast, battery-friendly charging is an important feature and this is just one of the great strengths of the KOSTAL wallbox. When combined with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, optional convenience functions are also available. In Power mode, ENECTOR focuses on fast charging with the maximum available power. Lock mode locks the charging function, preventing unwanted use. The two solar charging modes, Solar Pure and Solar Plus, are particularly efficient. In Solar Pure mode, vehicles are only charged with self-generated solar power. In this mode, vehicles can only be charged with the power currently available. In Solar Plus mode, the charging power is adjusted to minimise the amount of power drawn from the grid. Use of energy from a connected battery storage unit can also be taken into consideration if desired. Brand Kostal Manufacturer Kostal Country of manufacture Germany HS-code 85044060 System Growatt THOR More Information Type EV Socket Cable Cable option Cable included EV cable Type 2 Number of phases 1 phase Charge power 3,7 kW

    10 in stock


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