EPEVER UP3000-M6142 48v 2400w inverter charger

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EPEVER UP3000-M6142 48v 2400w inverter charger The UPower series is a new type of the inverter/charger combining with solar &... Read more


EPEVER UP3000-M6142 48v 2400w inverter charger

The UPower series is a new type of the inverter/charger combining with solar & utility charging and AC output, which adopts a multi-core processor design and advanced MPPT control algorithm, and has the features of high response speed, high reliability and high industrialization standard. It offers four charging modes to including Solar priority, Utility priority, Solar and Utility & Solar; two output modes for Battery and Utility, meeting the various application demands. The up-to-date optimized MPPT tracking technology is adopted for the PV charging modules.

Product Features:

  • Adoption of the advanced SPWM technology, with pure sine wave output
  • Fully digitalized voltage and current double closed-loop control
  • Advanced MPPT technology, with efficiency no less than 5%
  • Four charging modes: Solar priority, Utility priority Utility Solar and Solar only
  • Two OUTPUT mode: Battery and Utility
  • LCD design that enables dynamic display of system running data and operating state
  • Provided with common interface and advanced interface
  • Multiple LED indicators that instantly indicate the operating state of the system
  • 2P circuit breaker provided at the utility input end
  • Independent control of AC output by AC OUT button
  • Battery temperature compensation function

Nominal battery voltage = 48VDC

Battery input range = 43.2 ~ 64VDC

Inverter Output:

Continuous output power = 2400W

Output power (15min) = 3000W

Overload Power (5s) = 4800W

Max. surge power = 6000W

Output voltage range = 220VA +/-3%, 230VAC (-7% ~ +3%)

Output frequency = 50/60+/-0.1 Hz

Output mode = Single phase

Output wave = Pure Sine Wave

Max efficiency = 95%

Transfer time = 0 ~ 20ms

Utility Input:

Utility input voltage range = 160VAC ~ 280VAC (working voltage range) / 170VAC ~ 270VAC (Untility starting voltage range)

Max. Utility charge current = 15A

Solar Charging:

Max. PV open circuit voltage = 150V

Max. PV input power = 3000W

Max. PV charging current = 60A

Equalization voltage = 58.4V

Boost Voltage = 57.6V

Float Voltage = 55.2V

Tracking efficiency = <99.5%

Max. charging conversion efficiency = 98%


Zero load consumption = <0.8A

Enclosure = IP30

Relative humidity = <95% (N.C.)

Working environment temperature = -20C ~ 50C (full input and output with no derating)

Mechanical Parameters:

Dimensions = 518mm x 310mm x 168mm

Mounting dimension = 230mm

Mounting hole size = 8mm

Net weight = 14.7kg

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