HYDRA CUBUS 7.4kW / 22kW EV Charger

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POWERFUL CHARGING. COMPACT DESIGN HYDRA CUBUS 7.4kW / 11kW / 22kW EV charger is designed specifically for the UK market... Read more



HYDRA CUBUS 7.4kW / 11kW / 22kW EV charger is designed specifically for the UK market for HOME and COMMERCIAL charging requirements with compact, modern, and full function design. The CUBUS fulfils all the charging requirements you could ever need in a compact and modern design which neatly hides it powerful and future-proof specification.

Easy Installation The Cubus has been designed with the installer in mind. Attach it to the wall then a small panel on the faceplate removed from the unit allowing the power cable to be connected, there is no need to open up the entire unit.

Built in Load Management Dynamic Load Balancing comes as standard. The Cubus monitors household power demand and can dynamically alter the power of the chargepoint to accommodate the fluctuations in demand. This ensures that the home owner never has to worry about the charger drawing too much power even when charging at peak times.

Solar Compatibility The Cubus is fully solar compatible and is able to communicate with and prioritise power from Solar PV and battery storage systems. It can be set to only charge from solar power, prioritise solar but draw from the grid where necessary and fast charging where power will be drawn from the most efficient source for faster charge times.

O-Pen Protection Fault protection is pretty much mandatory but while some chargepoints require external earthing connections the Cubus has built in O-Pen protection, backed up by built-in Type B RCD.

Flexible Connectivity The Cubus can communicate via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet cable or 4G SIM both to our smartphone app and the our monitoring and management platforms. Charging functions can also be controlled with RFID cards or keyfobs making it quick and easy for the EV driver to start charging with as little fuss as possible.

• Type B DC 6mA + 30mA AC leakage protector
• Flexible startup modes: RFID card or keyfob, smartphone APP or plug and charge.
• Dynamic load balancing management and Solar PV matching function.
• Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 4G SIM connectivity options
• Save on electricity bills by scheduling off-peak or tariff based charging sessions.
• Built in O-Pen protection ensures a quick installation with no extra cost for an earth rod.
• Hierarchical maintenance design makes the maintenance and replacement much easier.
• Compliant with OCPP 1.6 JSON and compatible with most of the EV charging management platforms.
• Over current, over voltage and short circuit protection, etc. make charging much safer.

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