Photonic Universe High efficiency 50A MPPT solar charge controller

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Introducing the PTR5415AN, a high-efficiency 50A MPPT solar charge controller / regulator that comes with a built-in LCD display. This... Read more


Introducing the PTR5415AN, a high-efficiency 50A MPPT solar charge controller / regulator that comes with a built-in LCD display. This advanced controller supports solar panels up to 625W (12V battery) / 1250W (24V battery), 1875W (36V battery) / 2500W (48V battery) with a maximum solar input voltage of 150V.

With an efficiency rating of over 95%, this controller ensures optimal power conversion and utilization. It also features a current limiting function, ensuring the safe and efficient charging of your batteries. The PTR5415AN is designed to work with a wide range of battery types and can support parallel connections of identical controllers for larger solar systems.

The PTR5415AN comes equipped with a self-consumption feature, with low consumption levels of 98mA (12V), 60mA (24V), 50mA (36V) and 46mA (48V), ensuring that your batteries are not drained unnecessarily. It also has a temperature sensor auto-compensation feature that adjusts the charging voltage based on the temperature, thereby prolonging battery life.

This controller has one communication port, one solar terminal, one battery terminal, one load terminal, and one temperature sensor port. The PTR5415AN also comes with an LCD display that shows you essential information about the charging process, including battery voltage, charging current, and solar panel input voltage.

The PTR5415AN has a sturdy build and is compact, making it easy to install and use. It also has over-load protection and is designed to work in a wide temperature range, from -25°C to 60°C. The controller is not waterproof, but it is built to withstand a range of harsh environmental conditions.

Overall, the PTR5415AN is a reliable and efficient MPPT solar charge controller/regulator that can help maximize the output of your solar panel system while ensuring optimal battery performance and longevity.

Product Code PTR5415AN
Efficiency >95%
Load Current 50A
Solar Input Voltage 12V
Solar Input Voltage 24V 150V
Estimated Solar Wattage 12V 625W
Estimated Solar Wattage 24V 1250W
Estimated Solar Wattage 36V 1876W
Estimated Solar Wattage 48V 2500W
Charging Current
Current Limiting Function 50A
Rated Voltage 48V
Self Consumption 12V 98mA
Self Consumption 24V 60mA
Self Consumption 36V 50mA
Self Consumption 48V 46mA
Self Comsumption Night
Weight 3500g
Size 261 x 216 x 119 mm
Temp Sensor Auto Compensation -3mV/°C/2V
Over Load Protection
Minimum Working Temp -25c
Maximum Working Temp 60c
Comms Port 1
Solar Terminal 1
Battery Terminal 1
Load Terminal
Grounding Negative Common
Temp Sensor Port 1
Terminal Wire 16mm2
LCD Screen Y
Colour W
Waterproof IP67 N
Warranty 1

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